Friday, 5 March 2010

Post Production methods

Having taken the cine cameras to Amsterdam and gone through 2 colour and 1 black and white reel I am now faced with a 10 day wait for the reels to be returned from the developers where they will then be digitised so that I can begin to edit them in imovie and latterly Final Cut Pro.

I have used iMovie briefly on a project I did for my company but Final Cut Pro is a whole new set of skills which I will have to learn as I am doing the job.

I have decided to purchase an already filmed and developed roll of super 8 off ebay and whilst waiting for my own films I will start to experiment on cuts, text overlays and the addition of music and voice.

Can't wait to start this one - just need to know how I can get hold of a copy of Final Cut Pro!!!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Danny Yount reel v2 2009 from samnyu on Vimeo.

Tash sent a web link this week to a short film from Danny Yount called reel v2 2009. This is a really inspiring piece of film with a great soundtrack that fits like a glove with the visuals.

I hope I can aspire to create work like this?????

Another short film that I really admire is from the Director: Rob Chiu. The film "The Time Has Come" shows a great use of digital overlay and post production to create a fantastic and well executed piece of film.

I really like the way the digital pieces interact with the actual film footage and become part of the film.

I would like to experiment more with this way of film making.


When I was at the Film Museum in Amsterdam they where promoting a film by Johan Grimonprez called "Double Take". From taking a brief look at the trailer it look like a very interesting movie with some clever re touch work on Alfred Hitchcock. A quote from Grimonprez is: "If you meet your double, you should kill him."

I will endevour to watch this film over the coming weeks and post a review some time soon.

DOUBLE TAKE targets the global rise of fear-as-a-commodity, in a tale of odd couples and hilarious double deals. As television hijacks cinema, and the Khrushchev and Nixon kitchen debate rattles on, sexual politics quietly take off and Alfred himself emerges in a dandy new role on the TV, blackmailing housewives with brands they can't refuse.


After planning the schedule for the short break in Amsterdam - a trip to the Film Museum was logged in and on Friday I made my way to the Vondelpark (the current location of the museum). In 2012 the museum will be moving to its new location with an award winning building as the new residence.

On entering the museum I was disappointed to not see any film memorabilia such as old cameras props etc. The building was purely a place where you could go and watch nostalgic, classic films such as: An American in Paris, North By Northwest, I hired a contract killer and Visage. I am hoping that when they are re-located to the new swanky building that there will be a much bigger emphasis on the history of film as well as a place to view classics?

Monday, 1 March 2010


After receiving the eagerly anticipated films that where ordered a week before the trip to Amsterdam - they came the day before we set off for the very short break.

I have documented the excitement through a few images.

Amsterdam trip

After a short trip to Amsterdam testing out my new cine camera super 8 - I also took pictures as below to try to capture some of the highlights of the City. For some reason they kept stopping me from filming or taking pictures in the red light district? - still don't know why that is!!!!

The trip was a very interesting one although the weather and lighting was very poor I am looking forward to receiving my films back from the developing company some time soon.

I have now decided to start experimenting with film and sound to get the ball rolling. I just need to get hold of some old film to start trying things out.