Thursday, 11 March 2010


When I was walking back from our class with Tash yesterday I started thinking about what we had discussed in the class regarding film and the implications this had on us and how we all interpret the images we keep in different ways.

I have asked my wife Donna to put together a few paragraphs (as am I) on our recent visit to Amsterdam and record her memories of this visit and then compare them with my own. Once I have the Super 8 film back we can then look through the images and recall what we have written.

The same process is going to be used on my 12 year old daughter Jasmine as we recently looked through some old video of a trip we took to Chicago some 5-6 years ago. I have asked her to write down what she remembers of the holiday and I will also do the same and compare the notes.

This is starting to get really interesting for me as people use images and film to remember events in different ways and it is very interesting to hear peoples own views on an image that they may share.

This particular post will have random pictures posted as and when I see or find images that are relevant to this topic.


Here is the current list of books that I am in the process reading, referencing and taking inspiration from for my current project on film and memories.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Blokes from Matt Frodsham on Vimeo.

When I discussed the progress of my project with Tash last week she mentioned the work of Matt Frodsham and we looked at the sample above.

This was a great short piece of animated film with a great narrative to boot.

This has made me even more sure that the use of poems will play a big part in my experimenting.


Now that I am the proud owner of Final Cut Pro it is time that I sat down and learned how to use the programme correctly.

This post will contain all the links to on-line tutorials once I have sat and digested them.

Only a 2 hour stint today having just sat through 4 separate tutorials I can now begin to put something together in a basic form.


My bid was successful on ebay at the end of last week and I received the super 8 film yesterday morning - the description was "a developed Super 8 film that has a carrousel image on it". They weren't wrong - it is a short movie of a fairground somewhere in England (I suspect).

I promptly took it to a friend of a friend who managed to digitise it for me that afternoon - the result of which is here.

Over the next few days I will be experimenting in iMovie and Final Cut Pro which I have just managed to acquire. I need to make contact now with someone within the editing industry to give me a basic understanding of how Final Cut Pro works????

4 days and counting for the return of my Super 8 taken on the trip to Amsterdam.