Saturday, 3 April 2010

First draft of Amsterdam

After spending the day with the chaps at Intersoft - I came back to the studio with a renewed vigore to begin my own post editing of the film footage I took on the recent trip to Amsterdam.

It was good to (at last) start working on my own project and try to make sense of what was in front of me.

The first task was to splice up all the footage into its natural breaks and then start to bring it all together in some organised form.
This proved challenging in itself as I only had 3 minutes from each film and I thought I wouldn't have enough footage to tell a story.

This was so far from reality - I realised that I could cut paste and copy sections and before I knew it I had too much to use!!!

It (as always is the case) took far longer to edit this first film than I anticipated. I had planned on taking a full afternoon out to put the first trial film together when in reality it took nearly a day and a half to get something that I was happy with. Hopefully this will come down over time as I learn more about the software that I am using.

I tried lots of effects within Final Cut Pro and this also took time - but in the end I decided to go with a more natural feel and look for the first edit. Some of the effects are great and I am sure I will be using them in future editing but somehow they looked too "over the top" for this initial exercise.

The next problem I faced was the soundtrack to go with the film. I eventually chose "Song of Life" by Leftfield - this I thought would be a good match for the footage. After splicing and moving around the soundtrack to fit the film I eventually felt happy enough to go ahead and export my first edited film to a quick time file.

Below would be the final outcome - if only I could get it to compress down from a 1.2GB file!!!!!? - managed it through vimeo!!

Cine Camera Project - Amsterdam from Dave Howarth on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Today I spent the day with the fine chaps at Intersoft - An Event Management/Conferencing & editing company based near Blackburn. The purpose of the visit was to get an insight into how they produce the big screen shows that they put together for some of the very large conferences that they organise.

It was really good (and informative) to watch someone (Gary) who has worked in post production editing for many years and pick up some useful tips on how to go about my project.

The chaps at Intersoft have offered any help I may need when getting to grips with my major project on Memories and Cine Film.

Thanks for the help today Gary and Pete - its much appreciated! - I owe you a pint or 2 in the coming weeks!!!

Monday, 29 March 2010


After waiting for what seemed like months (3 weeks actually!) my films came through the post on Friday of last week (26th March).

I am now in the process of converting them so that I can edit them into Final Cut Pro and start splicing, adding effects and collating into some sort of order.