Tuesday, 8 June 2010




Having had a meeting with the external examiner yesterday (Ian Noble) it was encouraging to hear that he enjoyed watching the cine film footage I produced for the final work in semester 2.

We discussed where I was going next with my final dissertation and I explained that I was unsure if I should carry on with the Cine Filming or go in a different direction and try something else I have been thinking about for the last few weeks. "Hand Made" was an idea I have been thinking about for a few weeks now where by all the work (practical and written) would be undertaken without the aid of technology. No computers, faxes, photocopiers, emails or printers. It would be back to the days of magic markers, drawing boards, CS10, typewriters - back to the traditional "craft" of true Graphic Design.

Although this sounds very exciting and I must admit I was very enthused by it. I would be setting myself up for a great big fall and it would be open to a very big caveat "due to the process involved - I was unable to finish this project"!

Because of the big unknown within this brief and after speaking with Ian I am warming to the idea of putting a true narrative to a piece of cine film and re producing a poem, story or book. More though will be going into this self directed project over the next few days and I will hopefully have a clearer picture of what it is I will be pursuing for my next and final semester (dissertation).

We have our first group meeting tomorrow with Lawrence to discuss the final dissertation and what is expected of the project. This will hopefully again help to fine tune the project?

Thursday, 27 May 2010


This coming Sunday 30th May (Bank Holiday) will see some of the work undertaken for my second semester main project being showcased at an acoustic event being held in the Norther Quarter at The Soup Kitchen.

There are between 8 and 9 live bands playing with myself and a chap called Joe Galen showing some visual footage to accompany the music. Should be a great day and it is good to actual show the work I have produced to an audience and not leave them locked away in a CD case.

If anyone reading this entry fancies popping along it starts at 5pm and is on until 11pm with FREE entry!!

Friday, 14 May 2010


I have today completed the final practical outcomes for my 2nd Semester project which has been focussing on memory and its effect through film.

Below are some of the shots taken of the DVD, cover and case.

This has been a real labour of love as I have encountered more problems that I would like to mention when writing the final hi-res mp4 files along with that the disaster of loosing my hard drive last week meant that I have been playing catch up.

1 hurdle over and just a couple more to go now. I am really pleased with the final films and the package as a whole.

Next on the list is the design boards which need to be completed by tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) so that they can be printed at the local printers.

Bring on next Friday when I can breath a sigh of relief!!!

Monday, 10 May 2010


I made a decision right at the beginning of the second semester to take a photograph a day mainly on my iphone (as I always have it with me).

Today I have spent some time collating them images together and formulating them into some sort of order.

Below is a quick visual of all the images in chronological order (I think?) _ i will be re-checking the dates laster but felt I needed to put this on the blog as I get ever closer to hand in dates!!!

It was really interesting to look at these once they where all in position on the page - it almost maps out the time so far in this second semester in a very visual way.



After lots of prep work and getting images from my mum which she has been digging out of shoe boxes for the last 3 weeks it was time to go on an adventure in the woods this weekend. With the disaster of loosing my hard drive on my lap top behind me it was time to focus on some positives within this project.

I set up a position to undertake the filming whilst there was still daylight, I needed to be in a position where a 200ft extension lead would reach, this was a little restricting to say the least (I am in negotiations with a friend re borrowing his small generator, the only issue I have with that is the noise (it was interesting last night to see the odd set of little eyes lighting up - don't think I will get that if there is a generator working at some ungodly decibeles!).

Anyway - I positioned all the images that I have managed to collect over 3 trees each one set back from the other to give a good depth of field. The projector was set up, lap top ready and digital camcorder in position. After approximately 45 mins last night at 1am I decided that I had enough footage to see if this was working.

Below is a series of still shot of the set up and some of the projections into the woods.