Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Danny Yount reel v2 2009 from samnyu on Vimeo.

Tash sent a web link this week to a short film from Danny Yount called reel v2 2009. This is a really inspiring piece of film with a great soundtrack that fits like a glove with the visuals.

I hope I can aspire to create work like this?????

Another short film that I really admire is from the Director: Rob Chiu. The film "The Time Has Come" shows a great use of digital overlay and post production to create a fantastic and well executed piece of film.

I really like the way the digital pieces interact with the actual film footage and become part of the film.

I would like to experiment more with this way of film making.

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  1. Interesting that the author of the film condems the digitisation of the world, yet has used the same technology to create his film, and relies on the digital network to distribute it.