Monday, 10 May 2010


After lots of prep work and getting images from my mum which she has been digging out of shoe boxes for the last 3 weeks it was time to go on an adventure in the woods this weekend. With the disaster of loosing my hard drive on my lap top behind me it was time to focus on some positives within this project.

I set up a position to undertake the filming whilst there was still daylight, I needed to be in a position where a 200ft extension lead would reach, this was a little restricting to say the least (I am in negotiations with a friend re borrowing his small generator, the only issue I have with that is the noise (it was interesting last night to see the odd set of little eyes lighting up - don't think I will get that if there is a generator working at some ungodly decibeles!).

Anyway - I positioned all the images that I have managed to collect over 3 trees each one set back from the other to give a good depth of field. The projector was set up, lap top ready and digital camcorder in position. After approximately 45 mins last night at 1am I decided that I had enough footage to see if this was working.

Below is a series of still shot of the set up and some of the projections into the woods.

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