Tuesday, 23 March 2010


The last two weeks have been frustrating to say the least. I am still waiting for my cine Super 8 films to come back from the developers (bluecinetech) I spoke with them yesterday and they explained that there had been a high level of super 8 films going through the processing stage and as such there was a back log from between 7 and 10 days.

I feel that everything is on hold until I get these films back. I have purchased old super 8 film from ebay and done a small amount of post editing with it which I suppose has started me down the learning curve of using final cut pro and all its capabilities.

I am beginning to feel like a fellow student on my course (Amy. In Semester one Amy had many challenges when she took on a purely screen print based project and came up against many challenges trying to come to a final practical outcome.

Even though the esthetics of true film, especially super 8 cine film are amazing in their final output I am beginning to wonder if there is a more direct route through digital film where I can capture a theme or subject on cam corder and then through post production (Final Cut Pro) edit the final piece to look as though it has been executed through a cine camera.

This would solve several problems I am having at the moment: 1) the time it takes to actually get a physical copy on a computer after doing the filming 2) the cost - I have only produced 2 sets of film so far (1 in colour and 1 in black and white) and the total cost so far is in the region of £150.00 just to get two 21/2 min films on a computer.

I have really enjoyed the initial process of capturing moments in time on time tested equipment but this second stage of the process has left me very frustrated and I have started to question the outcome.

I can clearly see why we have moved on in technology and advancements in terms of film, as our 100 mile an hour lifestyle really doesn't suit this form of film any more.

I am sure that my state of mind will change when the films finally arrive and I can get down to some serious editing???????

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